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Sportfishing in Parismina, Costa Rica:  World Class Fishing for Tarpon, Snook and More!    Stories Wanted - send us your latest stories and tips and we'll post them here!

TTarpon Head from Parisminaarpon: There's a lot of great fishing in the waters around the mouth of the Parismina river, but Tarpon are why most anglers come to this remote part of this world. World record tarpon have been pulled from these waters, and most visitors become repeat guests at many of the gracious lodges between Limon and Barra Colorado. But anglers on any budget have a shot at the big one here in Parismina - just check out the size of this 13" Tarpon head found discarded along the beach at Parismina in February 2009! This one weighed in between 80-105 lbs and was landed by a local fisherman fishing in the morning surf.

Rio Parismina LodgeA variety of lodging options are available for fishermen on looking for a rustic experience on basic budgets, through serious sportsmen looking for the fishing trip of a lifetime. Guided fishing tours led by the most experienced guides in the Caribbean can be arranged through your lodge or through one of the local guides. Trip prices vary

The possibilities of river fishing as well as saltwater fishing opens up the door to a week of different fishing adventures! Plan your vacation to include both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica and enjoy a world of different experiences in a single trip!

Catch and Release: Many of the lodges in the area have catch and release policies, particularly for larger fish like Tarpon. Catch and release philosophies go well with the eco-sustainability spirit found at these lodges. Plenty of your catch can be destined for your table as most lodges have gourmet chefs who can turn your catch into a delicacy for you to enjoy.

Shark Fishing:  Although some species are endangered and strict limits apply, another opportunity for adventure seeking anglers are the great variety of sharks can be landed around the mouth of Rio Parismina. Before you get too excited, read Chilo's story as related in Outdoor Life magazine a few years ago. But if you read the story and are still interested, guides may be able take you out for a memorable day of shark fishing.

Rustic Fishing Experience: Learn the basics of how to fish off of an old coke bottle! Weather and tide permitting, you can tag along with a local to fish the mouth of the Parismina river. Numerous little (but tasty) fish including bobo, machaca and more can be landed off the beach! Let the locals show you how they find bait, how to wind up your coke bottle reel.

Rio Parismina Lodge:

This lodge sets the standard for high-end fishing lodges in the area with the best guides and gear, beautiful grounds and peaceful hammocks to enjoy the river. Attention to detail and the attentiveness of Judy, the gracious owner and Fernando, the manager of this world class resort.

Featuring a fleet of classic 21' center console boats ready to challenge the river mouth, Rio Parismina has some of the most famous guides in Costa Rica during Tarpon Season.

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  • Spearfishing is not recommended because of the high concentration of sharks near the mouth of Rio Parismina

  • Swimming in the ocean can be dangerous because of strong undercurrents

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